Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    The Fundamentals of Political Science    B.Sc.
2    Trend of Political Thought and Government Institutions Development    B.Sc.
3    Foundations of Politics    B.Sc.
4    Political Texts in Foreign Language -A    B.Sc.
5    Political Texts in Foreign Language -B    B.Sc.
6    Foundations of Political Thoughts in Islam and Iran    B.Sc.
7    Islamic International Law    B.Sc.
8    The State and Political System in Islam    B.Sc.
9    Political Thoughts of Islam and Iran    B.Sc.
10    Principles of International Relations - A    B.Sc.
11    Principles of International Relations - B    B.Sc.
12    History of Political Thoughts from Preplato to Present - A    B.Sc.
13    History of Political Thoughts from Preplato to Present - B    B.Sc.
14    Political Thoughts in Twentie Century    B.Sc.
15    Diplomacy and Political Behavior in Islam    B.Sc.
16    History of Evolution of State in Islam    B.Sc.
17    Politics and Government in West Europe    B.Sc.
18    Ploicy and economy in west europe    B.Sc.
19    Political Fiqh    M.Sc.
20    Research Methodology in Political Science    M.Sc.
21    The New Theories in Political Science    M.Sc.
22    Political Thoughts in Iran and The Islamic World    M.Sc.
23    The Usage of Political Theories in 20 Centaru    M.Sc.
24    Research Methods in International Relations    M.Sc.
25    North-South Relations    Ph.D
26    Seminar on current Political Issues    Ph.D
27    Political Thought in the West    Ph.D